HP Lovecraft Film Festival Day 2!

Hello hello,

Well well well, yesterday was a mighty interesting day for us in Portland!

We started out with breakfast at The Morning Cafe, where the boys each ordered eggs benny with ham, and I had the biker’s breakfast — passing my toast off to Myles cause I never ever eat it.

It was pretty good, and very very filling.

Ptown Scramble! Whaaat! I have my own dish! Too bad there’s tomatoes, capers and cream cheese in it though — cause I’ll never eat it!

And at 12:30 we started making our way to the Hollywood Theatre so we could catch Short Block 3 showing — which had 3/4 films from VFS (Dagon, Rats and Dunwich).

And I found myself finally agreeing with Myles that this place is probably haunted.

So we took our seats, and waited for the show to start! Catching up on the latest HP Lovecraft comics, and just enjoying watching the theatre fill up to the brim.

As the show started, the head of the Festival, Andrew Migliore, gave yet another shout-out to VFS and talked a bit about what the project was.  It was such a great feeling to be surrounded by people who loved Lovecraft, and knew nothing about what Compendium was, and liked our films for the films themselves.  A very humbling experience.


So first came Dagon, produced by Myles and Justin (JNo), which tells the story of a merchant mariner who wakes up on an island and as he searches the island he gets devoured by the Dagon monster.  I should also mention that Jessica worked tirelessly at creating the backgrounds and assets for this piece, and Ian (Berg) spent an entire week and subsequent weekend at school getting everything ready for the festival.  Great work team Dagon! (And honorary team Dagon rep. Mercedes!)

The colors look kinda wonky in my iPhone pics, but you get the idea.


Next up (after a string of shorts) was the Rats in the Walls produced by Nadeem and Mike Chen.  Working with classical animation, they created a truly magnificent piece that was reminiscent of Sin City, only using whites, blacks and reds.  This film in particular holds a special place for me because I got to be on set for 2 days watching the film come to life, (all while running around for Craft Services too ;) ) and it was such a wicked time, watching the limbs get ripped off and the blood spattering everywhere! (And my boy James Swendsen was also featured in this film, so of course it’s got a special place in my heart haha.)

Poor Captain Norrys…


Produced by Team Cold Spoon — Aka Jayo & Ivan, the Dunwich Horror — shortened to Dunwich at the festival — tells the story of 3 professors (I think) who are investigating an abomination of epic proportions.  I got to work on set for this film as well, doing craft services! Love it!  (And yet again, another shout out for my boy James Swendsen!)

We better get started….THE LINE THAT NEVER MADE IT…

And finally we saw the reefer movie — the guy totally reminded me of Joel — and said things like “it’s the motherfucking necronomicon B!”

So after the films we went out for dinner and indulged in a bit more pasta…

Justin enjoying his olives.

…before heading back to the festival at 7 for the C’Thulhu screening, and a bit of gift shopping!  There were a few vendors set up with a bunch of different kinds of merchandise from comics to clothes to cups to artwork to films, and it was great to get the chance to explore a bit more of the world of Lovecraft (also while picking up some special treats for our favorite people.)

We then ran into Andrew who congratulated us on our films and asked if we’d like to come back the following night to do a Q&A with some of the festival guests.  UH YEAH WE DO! So we quickly booked another room at the hotel, and got ready for one more day of fun in Portland!

Well thanks for readin’ ya’ll! Stay tuned for the last post of our festival experience at some point in the next couple days! Thanks ya’ll!