Packed house

The Oregon Trail…with a pit stop in Seattle!

The day has come, we are officially in Portland, Oregon and I couldn’t be happier.

We worked really hard to get to this point, and I’m so sad my amazing co-producer Sandra couldn’t join me on our adventure, but due to visa issues, she had to sit this one out.  I’ll be carrying around my little Sandra-C’Thulhu with me throughout the entire festival though, and thinking of her all day. ♥

We made our way to into Portland yesterday morning, with more than a few adventures along the way.  From Myles who thought it would be a brilliant idea to start photographing the border patrol….

…to our debates about finding our way back to the highway, we’ve had a great time so far and I can’t wait to see what is in store for us over the next two days!

We left at about 9am after Justin picked us all up, and took us to McDonalds.  I haven’t actually eaten anything non-ice cream related from McDonalds for like…3-5 years so this was a big step for me… and I pretty much instantly regretted it haha.  It wasn’t THAT bad, but it was super greasy and reminded me of why I hadn’t eaten there for years!

**Props to them for the orange juice though, was super yummy.**

We decided that we’d stop over in Seattle for lunch and drive around town a bit.

We checked out the Space Needle…from the car window — but it was still cool though.

And then  we took off to the Seattle Public Market Centre for lunch!

Well let me tell you, I was in awe.  I still haven’t made my way to the Granville Island Market, so that’ll be next on my to-do list.  Among many amazing things there was….

Fresh Fish — it was a wee bit stinky, but I loved seeing all of the displays of different types of fish.  Being from Alberta, I haven’t ever really been to a fish market and I totally loved it.  Can’t wait to get to Japan one day and get to the Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo!

Fruits & Veggies — There were so many different stands offering almost any and every kind of fruit or veggie I could imagine.  Lots of them were also offering samples, and we tried some really delicious apples and plums! Mmmm Mmm Mmm.

It never ceases to amaze me how people can charge like $4 for a tiny container of raspberries like that.  Maybe as someone who’s grown up with raspberries galore, I’ve lost somewhat of an appreciation for them, but I just can’t imagine paying $4 for a container of that size.

Honey, Maple Syrup, Chocolate and Cherries! There were so many different little stalls selling home-made goods that I couldn’t get pictures of them all, but suffice to say there was a lot of new things I haven’t really seen before at the Farmers Markets I usually attend.  I really, really loved this place — good thing Seattle is only like 2 1/2 hrs away!

…and some of the most beautiful (and inexpensive) flowers I have ever seen! (For $10 you could get a full bouquet that would cost you easily $50 in a flower shop)

We wandered the grounds for a while and made our way around the market, visiting all of the little stalls before sitting down at the  The Athenian for lunch.  A lovely little (mostly) seafood restaurant, with an ocean view and a great menu. They also had a sleepless in Seattle poster which I found equally cheesy and awesome. (And as usual, I still haven’t seen that full movie yet.)

Team Portland eating lunch.

Our usual drinks — water and Sprite for Nadeem and I, and beers for the boys!

We started with a plate of calamari — the batter was great, but the rings were HUUUUGE so they were a bit harder to eat, but the jalapeno aioli was to die for.

Mmmmmm mmmm mmmmmm.  Justin and I both had the Fish n Chips.  Beer battered cod, was totally amazing.  The batter was almost an orange color, and was nice and light while still being crispy and crunchy.  Some of the best I’ve had.

Myles indulged in the Tuna Fish Tacos — 3 strips of tuna in each one, lots of sauce — he loved them, so did Justin.

And Nadeem chowed down on some delicious tiger shrimp and roasted fingerling potatoes with some veggies.  Looked and smelled deeeeelicious.

So after our delicious lunch we got back into the car and headed out to Portland, checked into to our Hotel and laughed at the tilted toilet,

…before making our way over to the Festival to check things out.

Upon arriving at the Hollywood Theatre, we checked in at the front desk and picked up our festival passes, schedules and started wandering around the grounds.

We found three theatres, each with a capacity of 200+, packed to the brim and that was really exciting!!  More pictures from the theatre itself are to come, I only had my iPhone with me, and it doesn’t take good pictures once the sun goes down.

There was merchandise everywhere from comics to games to clothing to artwork and many many more.  (I also saw some Buffy stuff Sandra!!)

So then we headed out to dinner at yet another seafood restaurant — which was unfortunately gross, but ultimately free.  Three of us ordered spaghetti with prawns, and they were very, very overcooked and flavourless!  It was a huge disappointment, but Myles seriously enjoyed his mussels, so that made up for our disgust.

It had such potential, but was simply overcooked.

So we made our way back to the festival and watched the packed house premiere of the Call of C’Thulhu!  We had to stand up cause there were no seats left, and people were piling into the aisles to get a seat! It was a really wonderful experience to see so many Lovecraft fans all together and watching our projects!

As the films were about to play, the head of the festival asked if anyone in the room was from Vancouver Film School.  We were all surprised he asked, and proudly threw our hands up and received an applause from the audience, a totally amazing feeling.

They played a few behind the scenes videos from some of the other films, and then it was the premiere of the Call of C’Thulhu!  Seeing the name on a screen of that size (and my and Sandra’s names in the credits!) was soooooooo awesome!  I can’t even begin to explain!  (For someone who loves blogging so much, I really should try and invest in a thesaurus, or at least make use of…) To have our film premiered at a festival dedicated to HP Lovecraft and all of his fans was an honor in itself, but to see a packed theatre was more than I ever expected.

Well all and all it was an amazing time and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us today!

Catch ya’ll later!