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Terrific Tuesdays and Wonderful Wednesdays lead to Thought-Provoking Thursdays and Fantastic Fridays!

I really ♥ Alliterations

Yesterday was just an all around productive and awesome day, and Tuesday was equally as awesome and productive and today has been a totally new learning experience!!! I love going to bed at night and feeling 1. that I’ve accomplished something and 2. like I’m finally really at home here.

It’s been a tough couple months searching for work and not really knowing what to do and then getting stuck feeling all lonely and grumpy.  I’ve been fortunate enough to surround myself with a fantastic group of friends here from all around the world, and in turn have been asked to work on a number of different projects, on a variety of different levels! I know that if I keep working at it, that one day it’ll pay off, and in the mean time I’m meeting even more wonderful people and making even more friends. I could not be happier. I love you Vancouver!

Most recently you might have seen my adventures in craft services & catering on the sets of Compendium Vol. III and soon I’ll be working on the set of Never Land! This is one of the many final projects in the EBM11 class, It was written and produced by Kristy Benckhuysen, project-managed by Ellie Irwin, and associate produced by Barbara Backman.  These ladies are working hard together and I can’t wait to see the final result. Like them on Facebook today!

In other fantastic projects that I am involved with news :

Bob and I went for lunch yesterday to discuss the logistics for season 2 of everyone’s favorite webseries, Bob and Andrew! (Catch up now!!!!! Season 2 Premieres this spring!) (I should also mention that they were written up in the Georgia Straight last week! They are going places and I’m so thrilled to be a member of such an amazing team!)

We went to Chill Winston for this delightful lunch where we both indulged in Bison Burgers and discussed the locations, costumes, catering and the upcoming shooting schedule.  I love eating here cause it’s got a really relaxed atmosphere, and in turn we got a lot of work done, and then a lot of eating! So delicious.

The fries are huge and amazing.  They’re super crispy on the outside and nice and pillowy on the inside.  It’s like a cloud made out of french fries. Deeeelicious.

I came back home and got to work on the schedule breakdown and had an awesome time doing it.  I really miss producer-type work and I’m happy that I got the opportunity to get back in the saddle as it were. I started by figuring out which characters were needed when, and then devising a make-shift schedule from there.  Then I worked on how many costumes and props we’ll need, and other general logistics, and again, so rewarding to get back to what makes me so happy.  Producing is a challenge from start to finish, but it’s one that I’m always ready to take on!

So then today we had our first production meeting and read-through with all of the actors, the rest of the producing team, and all of the directors — including the lovely, talented, and always charming Nicholas Humphries!!!! If you ever need proof that dreams do come true with a lot of hard work, and a bit of luck (or pixie dust, my preference.), Nick is that guy.  He and his husband Ryan Coppel have worked together (with a team of many other wonderful individuals that I don’t happen to know by name, but trust me when I tell you they’re great.) and created the hit series, Riese, soon to be seen on SpaceChannel and already on SyFy in the US.  I can’t wait to see what else these guys do and you should all check out Riese online today!

Back to Tuesday, and other projects news… WE HAD OUR FIRST MILES OFF TRACK MEETING IN SO MANY MONTHS!!!!! It was really rewarding to see the team come together and I’m enjoying having so many different producers on board, each with a different strength, and a bringing a lot of creativity to the table.  It’s got way too much potential to be one of those “too many cooks in the kitchen” situations that I’m working hard to find a niche for each of these talented individuals! Keep your eyes on and in the coming weeks for plenty of other updates on our progress!! (and of course I’ll introduce you to all of our new team!)

Here we have Seb truly getting into the Miles Off Track spirit! Wooo Multiculturalism!

In other super awesome news this week, the Rock announced his return to the WWE! (Hopefully this means we can go back to calling him just ‘the Rock’ instead of Dwayne ‘the Rock’ Johnson.) In honour of this marvellous event, I decided it was time to practice my people’s eyebrow, and it turns out that after all these years, I still can’t do it.

“You just look scared” – Wayne

Well I think that about wraps it up for this round, I’m looking forward to my girls night out tomorrow night with Sam Squared — aka Sam Green and Sam Jewell! Stay tuned for more stories from the book of Patsy!

Peace,Love&FilmProduction ya’ll!