“I want everyone to say one positive thing about today.” – I love Betsy!

Hallo all!

Today you are in for a wee bit different kind of a Bob & Andrew update! I wanted to take a bit of time to showcase the work of the very talented Betsy Lake :D. Betsy has been doing make-up on the Bob&Andrew sets for the last two weekends, and we will be seeing her again in the future — dates to be confirmed.  It’s always a joy to work with her because she has such a positive attitude, not to mention asks a million funny questions all day, and just generally brightens up everyone’s day.  I’m so lucky to be able to call her a friend, and I can’t wait to get to work with her again in the future.

So here are some of my favorite shots of Betsy at work, as well as the end results! Let’s get started then shall we?

Here we have Betsy preparing one of our amazing directors, Nick Humphries, for his cameo as MacDougall the bartender!

Putting the final touches on Lauren’s second look of the day.

Doesn’t she look stunning?! And the dress! I love that dress!

After wrapping our scenes at Yagger’s we headed over to VFS for a quick lunch and then it was off to Lauren’s house!

This is Betsy’s make-up kit. It’s insanely packed full of all sorts of everything!

Putting the final touches on Lauren’s third and final look of the day.


Retouching Andrew’s make-up before the last scene.

That’s all folks!

One of the greatest parts about being on set with Betsy like I mentioned was that she has such a positive attitude, and at the end of the shooting day she asked each of us to name something positive that had happened during the day.  We were all tired and ready to get out of there, but it was a really nice moment between the crew where we got to reminisce about all the good things that did happen on set that day — like the fact that every time I get to work with this crew I laugh my ass off all day long.  I was so inspired by Betsy that it’s something I’m going to continue on my future productions.

Well that’s it for this post — look forward to more Bob & Andrew this week, and in the coming weeks as well!

Have a great day ya’ll!




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