PB & J Sweethearts

Hey y’all,

Hope your week has been as productive as mine has been! We are teching ‘Closer Than Ever’ this week and I’m proud to report that we are moving along quite nicely.  We only have a few minor set notes left to accomplish and that is always a great feeling.

As I mentioned in my first couple posts, I don’t really have a specific aim with my blog.  I kinda just wanna talk about all sorts of everything because that’s kinda who I am.  I love being able to wear many different hats and to explore as many interests as I can. With that in mind, I bring you my PB&J Sweethearts.

Over the Christmas Holidays, I had the pleasure of hosting my dear mother for about a week.  Knowing she’s a bit of a non stop worker kinda lady, I figured we would be doing some baking together.  And boy was I right.  In the time she was at my place, we made chocolate  crackles (my specialty), rolo pretzel bites, banana chocolate chip muffins, raspberry cheese tarts, cheesecakes, and my new favorite, PB&J bars.

I am a big fan of peanut butter and (raspberry) jam paninis.  It’s a bit of a comfort food for me, especially now that I’m living away from home.  I make them quite often and thought to myself “well, there’s gotta be a dessert using them both” and that’s when I fell into the bottomless pit of ideas that is pinterest…

The recipe I found made bars out of the two and some oats, butter and sugar.  No eggs or milk needed.  That sounded like a winner to me.

I asked my mom to pack a container of her frozen raspberries from the garden so that we could thicken them up with some sugar & cornstarch to use in place of the jam.  It was a marvellous idea and we concocted some of the best ‘jam’ I’ve ever had!

We mixed everything together, spread it out, baked it, let it cool and then chilled them before cutting them up.  Somehow they taste even BETTER cold, which is really saying something.  We cut them up into bars and sent some to friends and then I ate the rest like a little piggy. (Seriously guys, so good.)

A couple weeks ago now, it was the first day of install for the show and I wanted to show my crew some love.  I always like to bake something for them because a) they always appreciate it and b) it’s a REALLY good way to get people to remember you.  The very first day we hung lights, I had two guys I worked with at the Arts Club come up and say “Hey! You’re the cookie lady!”  and if that is my name for the rest of my life, I am happy with that.  (As long as I’m known for baking good cookies of course)  

Anyway — I couldn’t decide on what kind of cookie to make.  I had run out of cocoa powder so my chocolate crackles were out.  I didn’t have any chocolate chips, so chocolate chip was out too.  Sugar cookies are kinda boring without icing and decorations, both of which I didn’t have on hand.  I was starting to think that I was going to have to go out of the house when I thought — wait! What if I modified my peanut butter bars INTO cookies? And just like that, I came up with my new favorite cookie.  PB&J Sweethearts.

Why sweethearts? Because I wanted them to be cute! When you make the bars, they say to spread the remaining dough out over the top in a bit of a willy-nilly kind of fashion.  I love things to look intentional when it comes to baking, so I set out to make them into hearts.  (There is another reason too, but that one is a secret 😉 )

For the record, the hearts didn’t always turn out.  Some looked great and others looked like puddles.  My friend Janet suggested I make the hearts first and then allow them to chill and that should help them hold their shape. So that will be what I do differently on my next attempt — because flavor wise? Yummmmmmmm!

So here they are! My kind ugly cute cookies.  Please note my iPhone lens is scratched and causes my photos to come out blurry, so I often use my front facing camera — which also makes them blurry but at least they don’t have a big scratch across them!


Some of them cracked because they were too hot when I moved them to their cooling racks.  Another thing I’ll be more careful with next time! pbj2

I ate this one with a tall glass of milk and it was divine.

If you are interested in making these — or the bars they came from — follow this link! (Recipe credit goes to Lisa Lavery)

{To make them into cookies, follow the recipe as listed and then break your dough up into little balls that you then flatten out a bit.  Bake them for about 10 minutes at 350, pull them out, add the jam *carefully* and then the hearts. Bake for another 10-15 minutes — they should be chewy, not hard and voila! You have your PB&J Sweethearts.}

Well that is it for me today.  I’m off to do more theatre-ey things! Hope you all enjoyed this post and if you make some for yourself, that you’ll send me one to try!!




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