Lead the way, Toby!

Hey everyone!

How have you all been? I’ve been fantastic!

Work is going really great and I’m feeling like I’m learning a whole lot everywhere I go.  There’s nothing quite like getting that feeling at the end of the day that you accomplished a lot :).

In addition to that, I’ve also just been loving my city a whole lot over the last few weeks.  My good friend, Marcel Perro and his dog, Toby, have become my most loyal walking companions.  We have a great chat, see some sights, and cruise for bitches. *Spoiler : Toby always gets the bitches’ numbers.*  In recent weeks we’ve hit up Everett Crowley Park(Vancouver/Burnaby area), New Brighton Park (Near Downtown Vancouver) Central Park (Burnaby), Spanish Banks (Vancouver) and a couple others in between.  Instead of just telling you about it, I’ve decided to show you some of my favorite spots! Here we go!


This photo is from our first walk together when we went to the Dog park.  I’ll have to get Marcel to read this post and confirm the location but I’m pretty sure it was Everett Crowley.  This lady was walking — count ’em — 8 dogs! So many of them were off leash and well behaved, but one of the little ones was ‘a little jerk!’ so he was leashed and staying close to the treats.  Seeing all these dogs out and about made me miss my own puppies at home — my little sister Lilybelle, her daughter Mini Girl and my big boy, Pablo (Escobar-Encarnacion).  I really can’t wait til the next time I get to go home and see those three and get all the puppy kisses! For now, meeting new dogs on our walks will have to do 🙂 (Oh and I can’t forget Toby cuddles. He’s pretty awesome.)


I’m not sure, but I imagine this is a point one of several points where Marcel and I were making Toby voices. 

Our next adventure was sans Toby, but down by the water at New Brighton Park.  Marcel brought his camera this time — for Flaneur Friday I believe — and snapped some pictures along the way. I had my iPhone with a scratched lens… But to be fair, I’m getting pretty good at trying to make the scratch part of the picture.  See if you can spot it in the next few photos!



Okay.. maybe not so much in *this* one …

Later that afternoon we hit the Drive for some pizza at Four Brothers (3 kinds of pork on a pizza? yes please.) and just a walk around the neighborhood.  For someone who has lived here a cumulative 2.5 years, I have not spent nearly enough time on Commercial.  There are so many shops, restaurants and other cool businesses to check out and it’s high time I start exploring it more.



These little things pop up all over Vancouver and I love them! I’ll have to get some of my old books brought from Edmonton so I can leave a couple in one whenever I find one on a walk :).


A wall dedicated to cheese, wine, music and art? Love it. 

Our next walk was to Central Park in Burnaby — with Toby! It was nice and sunny out that day so we took advantage and went back to Everett Crowley after as well.  There was a big pond full of little duckies.  Toby probably would have gone in for a swim if he wasn’t leashed, so we kept a close eye on that guy.  Not that he’d try to cause trouble — he’s always just looking for new friends!




Whenever I see ferns on a walking trail, I feel like I’m in Jurassic Park.



I love places like this.  So peaceful. 

On our first sunny day in a while, Toby was itching to get back out to Spanish Banks and Marcel asked me to join.  I am not one to disappoint Toby — so off we went! I had never been there before which I was about to find out was tragic for me.  Spanish Banks is quite possibly my favorite beach in Vancouver!! I will always have a soft spot for Sunset Beach, as Kristy and I spent many an afternoon trying to get some sun and talking about film projects and traveling the world, but Spanish Banks is something else.  The view of Vancouver’s downtown core off in the distance, North/West Vancouver across the inlet, and there’s an offleash dog area?! Come on. The best.



The face of a happy girl. 


Cannot get enough of that view.. 


Just another one of Toby’s friends from the road. 


Marcel gives Toby a break and leads the way.


Toby meets what I think is a German Shepherd? Both timid in this photo, but they were dancing together for a few seconds before going on their happy trails. 


Hi! HI! HIIIII! Be my frand k?!?!?!

IMG_4637I totally got these dogs to do the Flying V from Mighty Ducks 2 for this photo.  Nevermind the fact they’re all looking in different directions…

On our last walk together before Marcel and I went back to work, Toby took us to the Fraser River for a walk along it’s path.  Of course we encountered even more dogs for him to befriend and lots of cool things for him to sniff / pee on.  There were also a few flowers in bloom, more greenery showing itself among the trees and just enough crispness in the air to remind you it’s still only early March.  Getting away from Edmonton before the winter was the best choice I ever made…


Pink flowers! 

My favorite part about Toby is that he’s always smiling!! What a guy.



Mural along the walk.  It was a few more panels long and featured different scenes of Canadian history. 


The photo doesn’t really do it justice, but the little orange hairs standing up on the moss were so bright and looked like Shrek had arm hair.  I really need to go back there with my actual camera next time.


I played around with pretty much every setting on instagram to make it look like this. I wish I could paint this! 

I know what you’re thinking, “Wow Patsy, Vancouver is so awesome! But, I’d really like to know more about that handsome Toby.” well fear not my friends… here is Toby’s biography!

About Toby : Toby is a 13 year old (THIRTEEN!) lab/collie/heeler cross living the charmed life in Vancouver while hunting for random garbage on the ground. Toby is a rescue dog taken in by Marcel and his incredible wife, Nikki, about 4 months ago now.  He is such a delight to be around and I’m so happy to see him loving his new family — even his feline brother and sister (okay, maybe not loving, but not hating either!).  If you have ever considered adopting, please do! There are so many dogs out there who just want to give you all their love and have a safe place to call home. If I had a more stable work schedule and time to spend with one, I would be getting myself a walking buddy and best friend (You’re still #1, Grizzly, no worries).  For now, I’ll settle for walks with Toby and signing up to be a volunteer with the Vancouver Humane Society on their next round of intakes.

Well that’s it for me! I hope you enjoyed this look at Vancouver, its parks and Toby! (Follow him on instagram @tobygooddog).  I hope to be going for a walk with them and Nikki sometime soon!!




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